T&J - Pure & Natural.  A blend of French ingredients and herb, specially formulated to combat environmental damage to our skin.  Looking for quick results?  T&J can give you the answer.  Removing blackheads without pain, clearing serious, inflammatory acne, removing freckles and black spots, curing sensitive skin...etc,a variety of products for you to pick from.


T&J Products

Whitening Skin Care

Problem Skin Care Products

Sensitive Skin Care

Eye Treatment


Whitening Skin Care Series

Intensive Whitening Essence
Formulated for dark and problem skin, whitening and soften the skin, make the skin more elastic and smooth, enhancing the skin's natural elasticity

Item# G092

For Dry Skin

Super Antioxidant Whitening Cream & Oxygen Whitening Mask
It brightens the skin and even out pigmentation and at the same time nourishes.

Item# D078, K022

Perfect Set --
Super Antioxidant Whitening Cream, Oxygen Whitening Mask, Skin Whitening Extract
and Milk Protein Cleanser

Item# D078, K022, F085, NK001

For Oily Skin

Bleach Essential Lotion & Oxygen Whitening Mask
Formulated to restore skin's natural moisture balance to normal PH levels. Helps coat skin with a protective film to retard the pollutant. Cures sensitive skin and repairs damaged skin caused by sunrays. Prohibits formation of acne and give skin triple protection in anti-UVA, anti-aging and whitening.

Item# F104, K022

Perfect Set --
Bleach Essential Lotion, Oxygen Whitening Mask, Skin Whitening Extract
and Milk Protein Cleanser

Item# F104, K022, F085, NK001

Dissolve Pigment Series

Spots Remover Cream & Herbal Lotion
Formulated to remove the dark spots, dissolve the pigmentation. Makes skin fair, soft and delicate.

Item# K020, K023

Perfect Set --
Spots Remover Cream, Herbal Lotion, Whitening Cleansing Milk and Whitening
and Softening Mask

Item# K020, K023, K012, K003

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Anti-acne Series (Problem Skin Care)

Acne Control Cream & Super Anti-acne Toner
Help to control and stabilize the sensitivity and puffiness of the epidermis, and improve the appearance of acne scars.

Item# K018, K034

Perfect Set --
Acne Control Cream, Acne Control Lotion and Cleaning Gel.

Item# K018, K006, D076

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Anti-sensitive Series (Sensitive Skin Care)

Anti-sensitive Lotion & Sensitive Repair Cream
Formulated to accelerate cellular regeneration, improve collagen tissue, supplement skin moisture and reduce skin sensitivity, make sin younger,  healthy and  radiance.

Item# F106, K009

Perfect Set --
Anti-sensitive Lotion, Sensitive Repair Cream, Gentle Cleaning Milk and Gentle Tonic.

Item# F106, K009, K001, K002

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Eye Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Gel
Formulated to revitalize the skin tissues and stimulate blood circulation. With its self heat-generating effect, helps skin assimilate nourishment well and moisturize the skin. Makes skin elastic, radiant and rejuvenated, especially works for eye area  to remove crow feet  and reduce the puffiness and dark circles.

Item# K032

Whitening Eye Care Cream
Formulated to provide the delicate skin around eyes with proper moisture and remove eyes bag, fine lines and dark circles. Helps firm up the skin tissues and prohibit the appearance of lines.

Item# K051

Intensive Eye Essence
Moisturizes, eliminate wrinkle and dark circles around eyes area.

Item# G096


Perfect Set --
Anti-Wrinkle Gel, Whitening Eye Care Cream, Intensive Eye Essence
and Hot Mask.

Item# K032, K051, G096, NG038


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Gentle Cleanser
Gentle Cleanser is a gentle, refreshing cleanser, created to fight for environmental damages.

Item# A001

Whitening Cleanser
Whitening Cleanse removes the dirt and eliminates the remains of dead skin cells, makes the skin brighter and softer.

Item# A003

Refreshing Gel
 Refreshing gel is made of 100% natural plant essence,  formulated to remove oil, impurities and blackheads, dead skin cell for oily skin. Helps maintain the oil secretion and PH balance which makes the skin refreshed and supple.

Item# A007

Whitening Cure Mask
Formulated to accelerate the natural process of cellular regeneration and lighten the pigmentation. Helps whiten dark skin and make skin smooth, white and elastic. It works more effectively after skin renewal treatment.

Item# A042

Blackhead Remover Lotion
Formulated to shrink pores, remove blackhead and whiteheads effectively.

Item# AL006

Albumen Mask Powder
Formulated with the special function of nourishing, moisturizing and softening the skin, enhancing the elasticity, anti-wrinkle, improving the cell's activity.  It brightens up the complexion.  Suitable for all types of skin.

Item# E090

Anion Massage Cream
Gentle, exquisite and oil-free.  Its special anion can start up the energy release to strengthen protection ability against environmental damage, accelerate the metabolism, makes skin soft, white and flexible.

Item# NG009

Cell Activating Lotion & Super Biochemical Mask Powder Set
Formulated to prevent melanin precipitation, moisturizing skin, in conjunction with Super Biochemical Mask Powder for better result.

Item# E091

Beauty mask Powder ---- Whitening Powder
 Accelerates skin's microcirculation, disassembles melanin, moisturizes and softens skin.

Item# E074

Beauty mask Powder ---- Plant Powder
it contains natural herbs the prevent hypersusceptiblity heat;. It can also prevent anaphylactic skin, detumescence cooling. Accelerates the cellular regeneration, rehabilitate cuticle cell, especially for sensitive  and problem skin.

Item# E074A

Softening Mask Powder ----- Acne powder
 Acne Dephlogisticate powder contains natural herbs, heals inflammation,  shrinks pores, restrain acne from developing, dissolves and lightens  pigmentation. Especially effective on oilyl and acne skin.

Item# E074B

Softening Mask Powder ----- Nutrition Powder
It contains collagen protein and natural nutritional ingredients, moisturizes  skin and keeps it healthy and clean, makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Item# E074C

Angelica Hot Mask Powder
Formulated to improve blood's circulation and the cell's regeneration, remove the dead cell from the skin, make skin glow  and elastic.

Item# NG038


Soft Mask

Item# mask02


Magic Bead Moisturizing Cream
Formulated to replenish moisture to skin.  It contains of moisture beads  which is easy to be absorbed and it  becomes a protection mask  in  preventing  moisture lost.

Item# GK024

Sun Block Powder Base
Formulated for  blocking the sun ray and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and dust pollution. It is also proved to be water-proof. It gives the skin a glow finish.

Item# GK032

Plant Cleanser Gel
Plant cleanser gel eliminates the remains of dead skin cells and impurites, stimulates cellular regeneration, removes the wrinkles and spots.

Item# K011

Royal Nourishing Cream
Formulated with its plentiful nutrition to fully moisturize the skin and repair the damaged cells. It makes skin younger, rejuvenated and radiant.

Item# K021

Milk Protein Cleanser
An extra gentle facial cleanser formulated for sensitive and dehydrated skin. Removes makeup and excessive oil on face. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  Leaving the  skin moisted and smoother.

Item# NK001

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