High-Tech Equipments

Solara Light

Function: Using light therapy to normalize cellular metabolism, stimulate production of collagen, reduce acne inflammation/wrinkles/signs of aging....etc

Item # : TP8118

Mermaid Slimming Spa

Function: Infrared ray treatment, activate cell and lifting body oxygen volume, improve the body micro system, accelerate metabolism, balance body acid and alkali, lose weight, cellulite fat, body shaping...etc

Item # : D999 

Light-Wave Slim Body and Dissolve Fat Instrument

Function: 9 minutes Supernatural Effect of physical therapy, remove the toxin and decrease pressure. Mold body no operation, no medicine, no injection, no diet, no diarrhea, no sport required. Slim 2-10cm surprise effect for mold body one time.



Function: Our idea is vitalizing unwanted fat and wastes and then removes them out of the body, this idea will complete all round treatment, D.C.K. can offer a great result.

Item # :DCK


Mody Fonic M8

Function: Vacuuming negative pressure-anti-cellulite and drainage; Electric muscular stimulation firming and lifting; color therapy - increase collagen synthesis and cellular proliferation; far infrared rays - increase blood circulation; Ultrasound care - penetrate nutrients; cold and hot conduction - cooling skin and release pain, help nutrients to be absorbed ...etc

Item # : MFM8


Lam Probe

Function: Precise removal of minor skin irregularities such as skin tags, cholesterol deposits, fibroma simplex, milia, spider naevi, etc.  Remove pigments without touching the skin. Radio & high frequency technology. Various probe sizes.


Derma Pulse 950 IPL System

Function: It is a rejuvenating system that utilizes appropriate amounts of light energy of certain wavelengths to promote a healthy complexion and skin rejuvenation.

Item # : DERMA950



Function: The Eporex utilizes unique ionic technology for effective treatments in weight-loss, stretch marks, cellulite, anti-ageing and sports performance.

More info: www.eporexcenter.com

Item # : EPOREX

Laser 808

Function: Allows a selective photothermolysis on melanin chromospheres (dyschromias-hair), haemovasal chromospheres (angiomas-teleangiectasias) and norm chromic lesions, which have been artificially stained by means of exogenous chromospheres. Such devices permit to make use of low energy levels, thus avoiding any damage to the surrounding tissues as well as anesthesia and stitches.

Item # : LASER808

Global Skin Analyzer

Function: Analyzer for accurate measurement of the skin data, for face and body, thus permitting to make use of the following data: Skin temperature, pH, Sebum try, Goniometry (hydration), Examination of the skin under the effect of the Wood light.



Function: A high technology electronic piece of equipment that helps take effective action against beauty problems like cellulite. Its sophisticated technology combines motor-driven equipment for massaging connective tissue with low power laser radiation.


Laser Shine

Function: Very effective for accelerating the regeneration of tissues following injury or considerable chemical exfoliation. It counters vascular insufficiencies such as
coupe rose, telangiectasis, swelling, skin rashes and hecatombs with an
immediate reduction of the effects.


Lift Up

Function: Equipped with 2 knobs and with specific programs which guarantee maximum results in every area and tissue treated. Facial Toning Action apply with electrodes for faradic micro stimulation, a coaxial photo stimulator and an exclusive green light laser diode. It permits a precise action on facial micro-wrinkles. Ultrasonic Facial ultrasonic transducer for dynamic and invigorating massages for deep cleaning and for application of cosmetic products used in treatment.

Item # : LIFTUP


Function: Equipment for esthetic treatments of pressure massage. The electronic part is controlled from a microprocessor that has 20 programs of treatment with the possibility to change them in
order to satisfy different kinds of treatments needed, besides the possibility to control and change the pressure inside each sector of leggings.