A powerful fusion of botanical ingredients and moisturizer for soft, radiant skin

Say hello to a beautiful and balanced complexion! Thanks to the potent nature of botanical algae extracts and soothing moisturizers, DOSHA's Moisture Series products improve the complexion of the skin by keeping it fresh, toned, and supple. The skin is nourished, giving it the vital protection it needs from the environment and everyday stress. DOSHA's Moisture Series helps revitalize dry, blemished skin by reversing and preventing damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays, humidity, air-conditioning, and daily stress. DOSHA's Moisture Series helps balance and protect the skin, leaving it with a beautiful, healthy glow!


An inspiration of the Skin Whitening Network

Our skin is constantly bombarded by a wide range of external agents and stresses that increase
the natural aging process of the skin. This phenomenon leads to the formation of age spots on the skin, the loss of
skin tone and smoothness, and the onset of wrinkles and lines. With the help of state-of-the-art technology.

DOSHA's Idebenone Whitening Program created a whitening cream that protects, soothes, and moisturizes the skin while preventing the onset of age spots and wrinkles. The products of the Idebenone Whitening Program help balance skin to maximize the anti-melanin effects for beautifully pale skin, just like a white flower petal moistened by the morning dew.



The powerful activating for enchanting curves

A powerful treatment for cellulite, resulting in smooth, firm, beautiful skin.
In modern society, we are constantly bombarded on a daily basis by stress intensifiers such as hormones, unbalanced diets, and a lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, this can result in poor circulation, unattractive cellulite, and lowered self-confidence. Due to daily stress, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diets, fat cells develop in the form of cellulite in unwanted areas of the body such as
the thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, and upper arms

DOSHA Body Line revitalizing products help eliminate and prevent further cellulite from developing through the use of thermo-activated principles by improving local metabolism and draining unwanted fat from the area through lipolitic treatment. When used in conjunction with daily exercise and a healthy diet, DOSHA Body Line products help improve circulation and flush out cellulite in areas all over the body. DOSHA Body Line is an intensive, cost-effective treatment that is a great alternative to painful expensive liposuction. Say goodbye to cellulite!
DOSHA Body Line products help combat the unsightly dimpled skin that cellulite causes and transforms it into firm and smooth skin. Daily use of DOSHA Body Line revitalizing products will result in a slimmer figure and toned and youthful skin.



The magic of Ayurveda Aromtherapy

DOSHA Spa Aromatherapy Series are mild by nature and as basic as life intended. The pledge is to help the body organize its therapeutic energy and for the body to reach and maintain a balanced, healthy state.

Drainage DP001/500ml
Specifically formulated for the treatment is designed to act on the main causes of liquid retention and cellulite,its immediate effects being circulatory activator and capillary permeability regulator

Mental Fatigue DP002/500ml
These are specifically desigened to reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels.It deeply relaxes the muscles,reduceing blood vessel constriction and improving the circulation,help with the muscles decongestion and anti-inflammation anti-spasmodic,calms the nervous system to eliminate any type of pains.

Revive DP003/500ml
A soft textured oil enriched with botanical extracts and emollient designed to promote skin vitatily. It stimulates circulation and restores vital moisture for radiant dewy complexion. Effective against tissular slackening helps to maintain firmness and satin smooth in the long run.

Stress Relief DP004/500ml
These are specifically designed to balance energy,tone the muscles and release tension in the body.Help with the
pulsing rhythms of cerebrospinal fluis,carrying healing massages around the body and stimulating the body’s
self-healing mechanisms.Tension in the muscles is released,dispersing toxins,reducing mental and physical stress and improving blood flow to the brain.




Our skin is constantly bombarded by a wide range of stresses that accelerate the natural aging process that results in age spots, fine lines, and the dreaded wrinkles. Over time, our skin has reduced tone and elasticity, and becomes saggy. Many causes of skin damage are derived from the very environment that we live in and the daily stresses we encounter in life.

Now there is DOSHA Anti-Age Series and you can say hello to radiant, toned, youthful skin! DOSHA Anti-Age Series helps protect your delicate skin from harsh free radicals that harm your skin. DOSHA Anti-Age Series acts as a barrier between your skin and the harmful ultraviolet rays, pollutants, and free radials in the environment and also repairs previous damage inflicted upon your delicate skin, while simultaneously moisturizing your skin for a beautiful, healthy, youthful glow.



Our skin is constantly attacked from a wide range of external and internal agents. Those complex phenomenon lead to the formation of natural and stress ageing process of the skin.

The damage of the organized structures that causes an inexorable change of the skin. DOSHA Specific treatment provide various skin care demands and improve skin to balance and healthy state.